How to Sell

Why should I sell or consign my item at FYO?


• FYO provides a knowledge based on experience to find the right buyers for your products. Local buyers are more likely to visit our showroom and purchase your item in a trusted environment.

• FYO is open for business Monday thru Friday (and by appointment evenings and weekends), so buyers can examine your item at their convenience. We are closed on Sundays and major holidays.

• FYO accepts multiple payment options and even offers financing, so buyers don’t have to worry about carrying large amounts of cash.

• FYO provides a safe and comfortable buying and selling experience.

• More buyers = higher prices & quicker sales.


• No strangers coming to your home.

• No meetings in unfamiliar surroundings.

• No interruptions, ‘no-shows’, or scheduling conflicts to deal with = no more wasted time.

How much does it cost to consign my item at FYO?

It’s less expensive than you might think. FYO will charge you a ‘consign fee’ which is based on the asking price of the item you’re selling. The consignment fee is paid upfront and covers a 45-day consign period. Typically, the consignment fee is about 15% of your item’s asking price.

Is there a minimum value on the items you accept for consign in your store?

Yes. Due to space limitations, FYO is currently only accepting items with a minimum value of $100. The acceptation to this is for FYO HIBID auctions where we move several hundred items through in bulk. This is a great way to move a lot of items quickly without the hassle of shipping expenses.

What happens if my item doesn't sell or is on consignment more than the 45-day consign period?

You control the next step! If your item hasn’t sold within 45 days, we may recommend that you lower the price and consign the item for an additional 30 days at no risk to you (no additional consign fee paid). If your item sells during the second consign period, you will receive 80% of the selling price. Based on our extensive market knowledge, we can assist you in determining a value for your item that should result in a sale. However, since market dynamics are constantly changing, we can never guarantee that your item will be sold.

How does FYO safeguard the items on consign?

FYO has installed multiple state-of-the-art security systems to provide a very high level of theft and fire protection for your items. We also monitor the premises 24/7 with a high-resolution video recording system. Jewelry and other high-value items are stored in our safe when practicable.

How do I consign my item at FYO?

It’s easy and fast to consign your item at FYO. Here are the basic steps:

Choose a valuable item you want to sell (minimum value is $100). Note: Please ask us about prohibited items list.

Bring your item in to FYO.

Open a seller’s account and tell us about your item.

We’ll post your item for sale at our website and create an online classified ad for your item. The ad instructs potential buyers to visit the FYO showroom to see and purchase your item.

We’ll “show and sell” your item in our showroom for 45 days.

We’ll answer all the email and phone inquiries we receive.

We’ll negotiate the selling price for you and send you the money when it sells.

How do I get paid when my item sells?

When your item sells, you will receive payment within 2 business days of the sale date. You may elect to have your payment 1) mailed to you by check, 2) paid to you by check at our store. Because FYO uses multiple selling avenues each vendor has different fees and work associated with the listing. The three listing avenues we use most are consignment/Craigslist, eBay and HIBID Auctions. We can discuss the different options available and the advantages and disadvantages of each selling market. We have enough experience on our team to know the right market to place your items in to meet your goals.

Will FYO come to my house and pick-up an item I want to sell?

Yes. FYO offers a Pick-up & Delivery service for a competitive fee. Please contact us for pricing and availability in your area.

What happens if I want to retrieve my unsold item during a live auction or during the 45-day consign period?

You can remove your unsold item from FYO at any time prior to the conclusion of the 45-day consign period. However, consign fees are paid in-advance, and these are not refundable. If your item is part of a live or active FYO HIBID auction you can refer to your listing agreement concerning removing items during a live auction.

Prohibited Items List

Our goal is to help you sell your valuable items safely and securely. Plus, we don’t want to get ourselves in any trouble either. Therefore, we have a few rules about the items we accept, so here you go…



If it’s not legal for you to own it or distribute it, or for us to consign it, then keep it away from here! This includes things like moonshine stills and elephant tusks. If you wouldn’t show it to law enforcement, then don’t show it to us.



Does anybody even purchase software anymore? Everything’s going to the cloud anyways.



we just can’t take a chance on things like Montana Lottery tickets, Powerball tickets, or any other type of gambling mechanism.



The Humane Society is the best place to find animals, not FYO.



If it’s not the real McCoy, then keep it to yourself. This includes counterfeit items like ‘Folex’ watches and ‘Fucci’ purses.



There are several excellent used clothing stores in Missoula, and they are much better equipped to handle these items. We reserve the right to add things to this list at our own discretion.



due to space limitations at our current location, we cannot accept or consign mattresses.



It’s pretty obvious … if you don’t own it, then we don’t want to consign it. Or, if it looks like you’re trying to hide something (like filing-off a serial number) we won’t consign it. Again, if you wouldn’t show it to law enforcement, then don’t show it to us.



This includes fireworks, gun powder, chemical explosives, and any other thing that can go ‘bang’ and hurt someone.



Let’s keep it safe around here, so nothing dangerous. This also includes items that have been recalled. We know that ‘hazardous’ can be a little subjective, but dangerous is as dangerous does. We’ll make the call, so call us first.



It’s no secret that we don’t accept anything that’s better left private.



This includes rifles and pistols and all types of firearms. Also, we don’t accept gun components or gun parts, air rifles, air pistols, bazookas, BB guns, pellet guns, or tasers.



Over-the-counter or not, prescription or not, legal or not … the answer is no. This also includes booze, tobacco, and e-cigs.

Facts for Buyers

Sell it FAST … BUY it Safely at FYO

People have been selling things with classified ads for years (in the newspaper, at the supermarket, on workplace bulletin boards, etc). Today, many sellers choose to bring their quality items to FYO. We display the item and complete the transactions with buyers, so you don’t have to. We post the item on various websites and create a attractive ad so online buyers can learn more about it then safely see it in a local setting. Let’s face it auctions are exciting and fun to get caught up and excited with.
Accordingly, the items on display at the FYO retail store (and the different selling avenues) are owned by registered FYO sellers, who have provided FYO with the item’s information. To see, inspect, and purchase these items, please visit the FYO store located at 1133 US-93 Ronan, MT 59864 (Old Creamery Mall Building)


How do I buy an item on display at FYO?

First, you need to search our FYO HIBID, eBay (for your offer) or Craigslist links (search FYO) and find an item you want to buy. Simply visit our store located at 1133 US-93 Ronan, MT 59864 (Old Creamery Mall Building), examine the item, and make the purchase just as you would at any retail store. While you’re here, you may want to browse our inventory and let us know what you collect or your special interests. WE can help match buyers and sellers too.

What are your store hours?

FYO is open for business for showings 10:00am to 2:00pm Monday thru Friday, and by special appointment evenings and weekends. We are closed on Sundays and major holidays. Most of our business derives from meeting customers and helping them through the process.

Does FYO deliver?

Yes. We expect to provide a Pick-up & Delivery service for a competitive fee. Before purchasing, please speak with us about specific pricing and availability in your area. We are limited on distance but we will always try our best to work something out.

Do the products on display at FYO come with any type of warranty?

Most of the items on display at FYO are pre-owned by others, and are generally NOT covered by any type of warranty or guarantee from FYO or the seller. Some newer items may be covered under the manufacturer’s original factory warranty.

What payment methods do you accept?

FYO accepts several payment methods, including cash, debit card, and credit card plus we offer financing.

What is your refund and return policy?

All sales are final, with no refunds or exchanges given for any reason. Our registered sellers provide us with information on the products we display, and we pass that information on to potential buyers. It’s important that you, as buyer, be sufficiently familiar and knowledgeable about the item to be able to make an informed buying decision. The buyer alone is responsible for assessing the item’s condition, value, and appropriateness for any intended use.